Writer. Photographer. Content Creator. Professional Social Butterfly.


I am a mildly well traveled individual who has been to the capital of Bolivia, but not Sacramento.

I've always had an intense desire to create. To find solutions. To tell stories. 

Though I began my university experience at California State University Northridge, as an LA native I needed a change. So I went to Oxford, UK where I studied Film and History of Art at Oxford Brookes University. This was an amazing experience and one that really changed my life. I fell in love with cultural analysis. In my History of Art Dissertation The Jewish Representation of Jews in Visual Culture and the Immigrant Experience During the Modernist Period 1890 - 1940, I investigated how Jewish visual culture exploded in this period as the diaspora spread from Eastern Europe to Paris, London, New York and Los Angeles; to understand how this migration represented itself visually, really for the first time in Ashkanazi Jewish history. There have been many texts on Jewish artists and visual medias such as film, theatre and advertising but none had brought them together to paint a picture of assimilation. How the culture utilized new technologies and modes of expression as it left the ghetto and entered modernity. I had accumulated an immense amount of research, I had basically compiled enough for a book and I wanted to continue.

I went back to Los Angeles for a year where I spent time as a volunteer and educator at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. I was also an intern at the Six Points Fellowship bringing my knowledge of Jewish art history to contemporary Jewish artists, helping to foster the growth of Jewish art in Los Angeles. Over this year, I just kept thinking about going back to school for my Master's Degree to continue the work of my undergraduate dissertation.

This led me to back to the UK, but this time to London to study Cultural and Creative Industries at King's College London. I was able to continue my dissertation research at the Borough Road Gallery focusing exclusively on David Bomberg and his creative process as seen through the lens of a Jewish artist during this period. And while I thought my dissertation would continue this subject, I felt I had achieved that goal in my work at the gallery. Instead, I found myself craving something new. Something that I loved and wanted to know more about and that I was already passionate about.

As a lover of travel, television and eating my way through the world I found myself drawn to the travel documentary television show. In my dissertation, Eating the Other: Anthony Bourdain, the Tourist Gaze and Distinction as Represented in Travel Documentary Television Shows, I investigated how these shows both present and contribute to the Tourist Gaze (John Urry) and present modes of Distinction (Pierre Bourdieu) by declaring what is good and what is not. How television has the power to lead the viewer around the world from the comfort of their own home (the armchair traveler) and how this is inherently dangerous as it creates expectation. Even more powerfully, if the viewer never actually goes to the place, these series influence how the public understand that place. No other paper at that point had exclusively focused on food in these series and thus this paper aimed to fill that gap. 

Through writing my papers and long form dissertations at university, I came to a realization, that I absolutely love writing. I love exploring, researching, finding information with a common thread and weaving it into a story. I love sharing the things that I have found with people through my adventures throughout the world and publishing and digital travel media has given me a medium in which I can do just that. 

 Since 2014, I have been assisting with two smaller art initiatives, NuART Projects and Pair Shaped while continuing down the path of professional writing. I completed an Editorial Internship at TravelAge West and worked as a freelance travel and culture writer/photographer for TravelAge West, Paste Magazine, LA Music Blog, JETSET Extra, Citizine and Prohbtd. I also worked at Citizine as the Social Media and Marketing Associate and as an exhibition assistant and designer for the traveling exhibition Windows on Death Row. In 2016, I entered the world of marketing full time at Myriad Marketing, an MMGY Global company as an Account Executive. Here, I work primarily on the Signature Travel Network account in custom publishing, managing a variety of direct mail pieces and the publication Travel Redefined, but also worked with clients including African Travel, Lion World Travel, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Princess Cruises, Cunard and more.